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Service lifts that enhance the value of your business

Service lifts are designed to make your life easier. At Optima Lifts Llp in Birmingham, our engineers are fully trained and qualified in the installation of all types of service and goods lifts.


With many years of experience in this line of business, our lift engineers tackle any challenge presented to them. We work tactfully and diligently to meet all your business requirements.  

Service lifts that enhance the value of your service

Our time-served expertise enables us to provide customised solutions for your needs. We cater to all kinds of businesses, such as transport, retail, health, housing and education. We provide lift solutions even in the most demanding and challenging environments. If you are looking to customise your lift, or want a product beyond the standard range, please get in touch.

Customised for your business

For competent and professional service and goods lift installations, call